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The Special Characteristics of the Mālikī Madhhab

Shaykh Muḥammad al-Ta’wīl –Scholar and Teacher at Al-Qarawiyyīn Central Mosque in Fes, Morocco Translated by Abdullah bin Hamid Ali Press HERE for full PDF version All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the worlds, and may mercy and peace […]

Zakat on Cash and its Latest Developments (Muhammad Al-Ta’wil)

Zakat on Cash and its Latest Developments By Dr. Muḥammad al-Ta’wīl Professor of Islamic Legal Theory, Al-Qarawiyīn Central Mosque, Fez, Morocco “Why Silver Should Be the Basis forAppraising Zakat on Paper Money” Translated by Abdullah bin Ḥamīd ʽAlī Press HERE […]

Maliki Fiqh Of Fasting with Dr. Abdullah bin Hamid Ali

Maliki Fiqh Of Zakat with Dr. Abdullah bin Hamid Ali

Fasting for Self-Mastery with Ustadh Abdullah Ali

Is Sex During The ‘Iddah Allowed In The Maliki School?

“Imam Malik and legal experts of the school held that a man who initiates the divorce waiting period (‘iddah) is not allowed to be alone with his wife.” Dr. Abdullah Bin Hamid Ali Question: “I’d like to clarify a legal […]

Can Zakat Be Used To Pay For Hajj?

Question:  Can Zakat money be used to fund a person’s trip to Hajj if the person cannot afford it?   Answer: As for using Zakat money for the purpose of paying for one to go to Hajj, this is somewhat […]

Abrogation In The Qur’an

Question: I have been attending a lecture series during Ramadan alhamdullilah, and there are several new and interesting things being said by the speaker, which I have not really come across and I wanted to ask you about your understanding. […]

Are Pictures Haram in Islam?

Question:  My intention is to open a mail order website selling items. In keeping with my understanding of the Deen, there can be no pictures of animals or humans on this website. My question is what exactly are the restrictions […]

Downloading Material Online: Halal or Haram?

Someone I know wanted me to ask somebody I trust about whether downloading material illegally (like movies, games, music, books etc.) is haram or not. He said he read in various places about it but he got somewhat political answers. […]

Qunut Supplication: Audibly or Inaudibly?

Question: When making the qunut for a peril is it required that the du’a is said out loud with the hands raised? Are only our qunuts said silently? Also, when joining the Imam in the second rakat of Isha, do […]

Prostrating for Omitting the Surah after Al-Fatiha

Question: According to the Maliki view, what is the ruling if one omits a surah after the opening fatiha in one or both rakah of salah; does this necessitate a prostration of forgetfulness? Can one minimally say 1 ayah? Answer: […]

Audible & Inaudible Salat

Question:  Is it halal for to offer the loud salat (such as fajr) in silence? Answer:  The minimum degree of audibleness is to hear your self and for the person next to you to hear you if you imagine one […]

Correcting Mistakes in Prayer

When the Wali is the Woman’s Brother

Question:  If the Bride’s Wali (marriage guardian) is her brother, does he have to perform the actual contracting? Is it sufficient that he approves and witnesses the contracting process that is materially performed by her maternal uncle (considered the head […]

A Muslim Wali for a Non-Muslim Woman

Question:  Can I please have some clarification on the issue of guardian in case the woman is from Ahl-Kitab (Christian or Jewish)? Does she still require a wali (marriage guardian), and if so, who performs the task? Also, is marrying […]

Is it Possible for Allah to Have a Son?

Question: My question is, (1) Are the people who believe Allah can have a son but will never have one (or they believe He can create another god but he won’t actually do it) still Muslims? (2) Is a person allowed […]

The Intention for Fasting in the Maliki School

Question:  If you have decided and made intention to fast every Monday, do you still have to remake intention every Sunday night for the fast to be valid on Monday? Answer:  Yes. In order for any fast to be valid, […]

Terrible Sin During Ramadan

Question: A brother committed zina in Ramadan. He believes that his fast is ruined, though the act was committed during the night. What can he do to obtain Allah ta Ala’s forgiveness ?   Response: He should resolve not to […]

The Modern Need for Calculation: The Celebration of Eid

Question: I want to express a few points that I believe are not sufficiently addressed by our modern scholars when it comes to the issue. I’m not a scholar of Islamic jurisprudence by any means and I can’t argue against […]

Do I have to have a ‘Muslim’ name?

Question: I have a question regarding Muslims changing their entire name after coming into the faith of Islam. Is this permissible? I understood that to change your first name is okay, but to change your last name is not permissible. […]

Prostrating for Omitting the Sura after Al-Fatiha

Question: According to the Maliki view, what is the ruling if one omits a surah after the opening fatiha in one or both rakah of salah; does this necessitate a prostration of forgetfulness? Can one minimally say 1 ayah? Answer: […]

Tasmiya and Ta’awudh

Question: I would like to ask you what is the recommended practice regarding reciting the tasmiya and the ta’awwudh before reciting Al-Fatiha in the compulsory salah. Specifically would the prayer be acceptable or would it need repeating? Answer: Such a […]

Prayer and Breastfeeding

Question: Can you please tell the fiqh rules for both menstruation and for prayer for women in the Maliki madhhab (e.g. do we put our forearms on the floor like Hanafi women; where do we raise our hands to: shoulders […]

About Menstruation

Question: As salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu, Could Ustadh Abdullah please tell us the rules of menstruation for women in the Maliki madhab, and also if it is permitted for women in such a state to1) enter the masjid […]