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From "Scholarly Consensus: Between Use & Misuse"

"Muslims, as well as members of other faiths, need to consider the possibility that God in His infinite wisdom has placed His mercy in the preservation of ideological and philosophical diversity in non-reified renditions of the faith."

Abdullah bin Hamid Ali

From "A New Political Direction for Muslim America"

"...unless leaders of national organizations, thinktanks, mosques, schools, and Muslim politicians master our emotions and appetites, we disqualify ourselves from the burdensome role of leadership"

Abdullah bin Hamid Ali

From "Prophetic Pugilism & The Freedom Principle"

It was a norm of the Prophet to appeal to his audience through reasoned dialogue. For this reason, there is no evidence that he ever ordered the death of a person simply for leaving Islam. Only those guilty of defection or undermining the security of the Muslim community met such a fate.

Abdullah bin Hamid Ali

From "Feminism & Recalibrating Faith According to an Islamic Epistemic"

Being a Muslim presumes that one accepts both the objective and subjective sources of the “true” and the “good” but that when faced with a clash between the two, the subjective form (i.e. scripture) settles the score.

Abdullah bin Hamid Ali