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Scholarly Consensus (Ijma): Between Use and Misuse

“A masterly exposition of ijmā‘, its definitions, role in Islamic jurisprudence and perhaps most importantly its limitations. A well argued and timely reminder of the necessity for Muslim scholars today to revisit the process of ideological standardization that too often established a criterion for sound belief that, although useful within a particular socio/political context, has become antithetical to the greater good and unity of the Muslim community. An important study that calls our attention to the value of and growing need to preserve the ideological and philosophical diversity that has exemplified Islamic thought from its earliest times.”

Dr. Kenneth Abdel-Hadi Honerkamp


“This study aims to examine unanimous consensus (ijma’) from the Sunni paradigm while searching for a truly objective criterion for discerning authentic and original teachings of faith in the Islamic tradition.”            

Dr. Abdullah bin Hamid Ali


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